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Voodoo Child Collective

Voodoo Child Collective

The Gobin sisters and their anti-fast fashion

Julia Gobin and her sisters, Leah and Kylie, love to travel. Originally from D.C., Julia spent years exploring far and wide, but it was a stretch living in Brazil that led her to New Orleans. When it came time to return to the states, she asked herself, “Where in the U.S. isn’t like the rest of the U.S.?” New Orleans, often referred to as the Northernmost Caribbean city, stood out, and it wasn’t long before both of her sisters followed her, all three now living and making art here.

Julia, Leah, and Kylie make up Voodoo Child Collective, a mix of unique clothing, upcycled modified vintage, and jewelry, all made and designed by the three sisters. The sisterhood goes beyond the Gobins though, as much of their fabric is sourced from women’s collectives they’ve encountered on their travels, from Brazil, India, Peru, and beyond. An antidote to “fast-fashion”, Voodoo Child Collective supports a more sustainable and ethical vision through fair-trade global partnerships and handmade fashion.

A seamstress since middle school, Julia designs and sews a variety of bright and whimsical attire for all manner of occasions, from daily comfort to fantastical festival wear. Kylie creates their jewelry, including delicate spiral earrings and bold geometric necklaces. Leah recently began a lingerie line called Cheeky Biits, featuring mesh bralettes with strategically placed appliques, often with a sense of humor, and a line of panties soon to follow. Their work is uniquely beautiful, inspired by their travels, as well as the home they’ve found in New Orleans.

“My favorite thing about New Orleans is the way the city feels alive,” Julia said. Anyone who has loved New Orleans knows exactly what she means.

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