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Picture by Zack Smith

More than a Market

More than a Market, we are a community. Our mission at Palace is to provide a market space for artists to present their handmade pieces to locals and visitors.

Palace Market is a space for everyone. It is walls, concrete, and lights. It is also an opportunity. An opportunity for an artist to have a storefront on Frenchmen street. An opportunity for a visitor to find a meaningful keepsake. An opportunity for a neighbor to make a connection with the artisans in their community. An opportunity for a partier to sit down and take a break.

We have a rotating list of 100+ artists, making each market unique. We strive for the market space to be a canvas in and of itself; a space that’s constantly evolving to highlight our community’s talent. We strive to bring you a New Orleans art experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Come join us!

Creative + Community

New Orleans has long been a place where people who create could make a living doing what they love- a haven for musicians and artists alike. It’s also a place known for its warm hospitality and ability to have fun. At Palace Market, we strive to bring you a uniquely New Orleanian experience. On a nightly basis, a variety of artists fill 619 Frenchmen Street turning it into the largest art market in the city. A rotating lineup of 100+ member artists who are constantly creating means no two markets will ever be exactly the same.

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